18" HDMI Touchscreen LCD Monitor

Xenarc Technologies is the leading manufacturer of small form factor 18" HDMI Touchscreen Display Monitors that are highly customized to be compatible with your automation and system integration projects.  

No matter what requirements or certifications your display project demands or what critical features your 18" HDMI monitor requires, the HDMI display experts at Xenarc Technologies can custom design and custom manufacture a unique 18" HDMI Monitor for your project.

If you do not see the features you are looking for in our off-the-shelf 18" HDMI Monitors available now for purchase contact us by flling the Custom Monitor Form and Our Display Engineers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  https://www.xenarc.com/custom_monitor.php

Whevether you work in an industrial factory, in IoT, IIoT, Government, Military, Education, Transportation, Aviation, Telecommunications or in the Medical Field, the HDMI display Engineers at Xenarc Technologies have over 20 years experience custom building 18" HDMI Monitors according to the specifications required by your project.

Browse all of our 18" HDMI Monitors from "off-the-shelf" display solutions that are ready to ship if they meet your project requirements.   These 18" HDMI Monitors are built with the 20 years of experience helping display engineers from a wide range of industries with 18" HDMI Display solutions.  Take advantage of the latest technologies available in small form factor, rugged, heavy duty 18" HDMI monitors with all the latest features that makes these 18" HDMI Monitors the favorite and popular among Inegrators, Automators and Engineers of all industries.  Save time and money.

If you would like to apply to become an integrator, automator or need high quantity pricing please fill in the forms below and we will qualify you for wholesale pricing. https://www.xenarc.com/resellers.php   OR  https://www.xenarc.com/integrators.php.

If you are in Government, Educational or the Military you can get wholesale pricing at https://www.xenarc.com/institution.php.

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1852CSH - 18.5" Sunlight Readable Capacitive Touchscreen LCD Display Monitor with HDMI, DVI & VGA Inputs
1000NIT High Brightness LED Backlight; 18.5" inch   Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screen (USB); DVI Input x 1, VGA Input x 1; HDMI Input through included DVI to HDMI Cable; Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080; Ruggedized Metal Casing ......For more information

HDMI Monitors Manufacturer Xenarc Technologies manufactures 7" HDMI Monitors, 8" HDMI Monitors, 9" HDMI Monitors, 10" HDMI Monitors, 12" HDMI Monitors, 15" HDMI Monitors, 18" HDMI Monitors, 24" HDMI Monitors - "Best Rugged HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 7" HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 8" HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 9" HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 10" HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 12" HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 15" HDMI Monitors" "Best Rugged 18" HDMI Monitors" - www.xenarc.com/all-lcd-small-form-factor-display-monitors/  www.xenarc.com/xenarc-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-7-inch-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-8-inch-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-9-inch-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-10-inch-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-12-inch-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-15-inch-hdmi-monitors/ www.xenarc.com/xenarc-18-inch-hdmi-monitors/

Xenarc Rugged Waterproof Touchscreen Monitors 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24" are built tough to last. The Mean Rate Between Failure (MRBF) for a Xenarc Technologies Rugged Monitor is > 55,000 hours OR 6.2 Years of continuous operation and with the new 3 Year Warranty, a Xenarc Rugged Monitor gives you true peace of mind.

Xenarc Technologies All-Weather Rugged 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24" Monitors are perfect Human Machine Interfaces for Smart Homes, Smart Factories, Smart Offices, Smart Vehicles, Smart Stores, Smart Cities.  IIoT, IoT, Industry 4.0 and for low voltage and indoor or outdoor applications.  Our Ingress Protection monitors and touchscreen solutions are spray down and spray off resistant for cleaning with alkaline acidic solutions used to clean touchscreen surfaces.

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