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What is the future of display technologies?

What is the future of display technologies?

The future of display technologies is slowly coming on to the scene. Right now All-Weather Rugged 7″ to 18″ are powering the Iot, IIot and the Industry 4.0 revolution with rugged touchscreen monitors that can withstand rugged harsh environments such as a factory floor.

Most commercial or even enterprise grade LCD Monitors used in many businesses would not withstand extreme heat or extreme cold nor would they be able to withstand sudden changes in voltage or handle industrial chemical spills nor steam without damaging some part of the touchscreen or the entire monitor itself.

For that reason very specialized, reinforced and ruggedized LCD Monitors are manufactured by companies such as Xenarc Technologies that can handle critical continuous operations and can withstand the harshest of environments and operate flawlessly.

Xenarc Technologies manufactures small form factor all-weather truly rugged enterprise 7″ to 18″ touchscreen monitors that can withstand extreme heat, extreme cold, changes in voltage, can handle low voltage, are high bright to be able to read under direct sunlight, can withstand rain and steam without affecting the touchscreen glass and can even withstand a projectile being thrown at the screen without breaking IK07 or IK08 Certified.

Xenarc Displays Work Anywhere.

#All-Weather Sunlight Readable, Waterproof #Rugged 7" to 18" Touchscreen LCD Monitors Manufactured By Xenarc Technologies in Irvine, CA

Truly Ruggedized. Outperforms Outdoors/Indoors in Any Weather & Any Harsh Environment

Rain Proof/Waterproof
♦ Dust Proof
♦ Humidity Proof
♦ Cold Proof
♦ High Temperature Resistant
♦ Vibration and Shock Tested and ♦ Optically Bonded Touchscreens

Rugged Monitors 7",8", 9",10",12",15",18" All-Weather HDMI, VGA, DVI, SDI Touchscreen Manufacturer

Xenarc Technologies manufactures the most rugged, all-weather HDMI Monitors, SDI Monitors, VGA Monitors, DVI Monitors and Displayport Monitors 7" to 18" that are truly all-weather and can be used both indoor and outdoors and last over 6.2 years of continuous operation and comes with a 3 year warranty.

These are the same all-weather ruggedized touchscreen displays that are powering Smart Homes, Smart offices, Smart Factories, Smart Vehicles, Smart Commercial Shopping stores and Smart Cities. In short it will power the Iot and IioT.

Now clear glass displays are also available now. This technology is in it infancy but again, it will need to be rugged and all-weather with all the latest in Xenarc Technology to be able to withstand the harsh environments where the clear glass displays will need to operate continuously.

Here are a Few Videos from Xenarc Technologies that show clear glass display technology in action.

Clear Glass Digital Signage Custom Display Solutions by Xenarc Technologies


“A day Made of Glass”




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