Rugged Touchscreen Solutions for Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers

Rugged Touchscreen Solutions for Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers

Xenarc Technologies Manufactures Touchscreens For The Automotive Environment

Ruggedized Touchscreens offer many features and benefits particularly in hostile operating environments.  Xenarc Technologies has been manufacturing small form factor ruggedized all-weather 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24" automotive grade LCD toushcreen solutions for specialty vehicle automotive applications for decades now.  If you are an engineer or integrator contact us if you need a customized LCD touchscreen solution for your in-vehicle automotive application.

Touchscreens are the interface of choice for all specialty vehicular telematics, appearing in applications from electronics entertainment to GPS navigation and environmental control. The specialty automotive environment is a hostile place for electronic components, with the main adversaries being watertemperature, humidity, vibration, changes in voltage, and shock. Telematics applications are subject to all of these and more.

Most specialty vehicle automotive applications require several buttons to select features and functions. With a specialty vehicle automotive grade touchscreen manufactured by Xenarc Technologies, the modality of these buttons can be changed on the fly to different positions, shapes, and sizes to suit the user at the moment interaction is required.

Touchscreen Types

Existing touch interfaces are primarily resistive-type touch panels (RTPs), which can meet the challenges of the automotive environment and the automotive end user mainly because of the materials used in their construction. Currently, the most popular is glass on glass, which is composed of a glass substrate with a very thin glass top layer.  Xenarc Technologies manufactures advanced ruggedized touchscreens with capacitive touch technology and resisitive touch technology.  Contact our Display Engineers today to discuss which technology is right for your system or application.

Environmental Requirements

Environmental considerations such as vibration and shock are important. Typically, the touch panel is affixed to the LCD with some type of non-hardening interface material, and the assembly is shock mounted to the equipment enclosure. Appropriate treatment of the interface surface area between the touch panel's top surface and enclosure is a primary concern for designers to prevent road shock and vibration transmission that could damage the touch panel or LCD. 

The current trend among major automotive design houses and automotive manufacturers is to bring the outdoors inside the vehicle through increased glass area thus stressing the importance of sunlight-readability to the consumer. When a touch panel is added to the LCD, the optical stackup can produce some undesirable effects. These typically include reduced transmission of LCD light, ambient- and spot-lighting reflections, and distracting patterns produced by optical interference (commonly known as glare). 

The most effective touch-panel treatment for a sunlight-readable application is a combination of antireflection and polarizing filters in the touch panel. When used with a high-performance transmissive LCD, a high-contrast image is presented with low-reflected-light interference, ensuring readability even in direct sunlight. These types of enhancements are configurable according to performance and technical requirements, such as viewing and polarization angles. 

Engineer Integrators and Automators of specialty automotive manufacturers love the ruggedness and the toughness of Xenarc Monitors especially for critical operations where no down time is allowed or can be risked.  Premium Panel Technology by Xenarc Technology for those in critical industries deliver:

♦ Wider Viewing Angles
♦ Higher Contrast Ratios
♦ Better Color Accuracy
♦ Better Visual Clarity
♦ No Image Distortion
♦ No color Shifting
♦ Improves viewing comfort
♦ Improves overall User Experience

Xenarc Technologies specialty vehicle touchscreen solutions have been integrated into bloodmobiles, mobile medical clinics, specialty public safety vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, specialty police cars and trucks, mobile control center vehicles, mobile command center specialty vehicles, recreational vehicles (RV's), book mobiles, shuttle vans, mobile tire trucks, event trucks, food trucks, trade trucks, tool trucks, mobile showrooms, refrigerated vans and trucks, gaming trucks and trailers, mobile office labs, personal submarine vehicles, custom airplanes, and custom sports vehicles.

Rugged Touchscreen Solutions for Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers


Xenarc = Peace of Mind.  A Xenarc Rugged Monitor is built to last.  Mean Rate Between Failure is more than 55,000 hours or 6.2 Years of continuous Operation.  Plus it comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.   Xenarc = Peace of Mind

Xenarc rugged small touchscreen monitor solutions 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24" are built tough to last.  The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for a Xenarc Technologies rugged small monitor is > 55,000 hours OR 6.2 Years of continuous operation and with the industry leading 3 Year Warranty, a Xenarc rugged small monitor gives you true peace of mind.

Xenarc Technologies' all-weather rugged 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24" small monitor and small touchscreen solutions are perfect Human Machine Interfaces for Smart Homes, Smart Factories, Smart Offices, Smart Vehicles, Smart Stores, Smart Cities.  IIoT, IoT, Industry 4.0 and for low voltage and indoor or outdoor applications.

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