Marine Monitors

Marine Monitors

Xenarc Technologies Corporation, as a pioneer in in-vehicle displays, has launched the 1029 and 709 series of displays built specifically for marine use.  Whether for use on a pleasure craft or on a commercial vessel, our high bright, water resistant marine displays have been used in numerous applications over the water.  We have also added a line of optically bonded displays (GSH), for high level viewability in bright and reflective environments.

Xenarc Technologies is one of the first display companies to offer water repulsion and dust proof capability to our 7" and 10.1” line-up of displays, and we have further expanded this line with an optically bonded IP67 unit in the 1029GNH.  The 1029 series offers IP65 or IP67 certified outer casings that provide for protection against solid objects and liquids.  These marine monitors are guaranteed to prevent any amount of dust from entering the device, making it completely dust proof.  Further, the displays are guaranteed to protect from water projected from a nozzle from having any harmful effect in the 1029CNH and 709CNH, and complete water submersion in the IP67 rated 1029GNH.  Brightness is often a concern when viewing a marine touchscreen out in the elements or on the water, and all of our displays in the 709 and 1029 series come with upgraded backlight modules that achieve up to 1000 nits brightness with our patented anti-reflective panel coating.  For further viewability, the 1029GNH is optically bonded, eliminating the air gap between the touch panel and the LCD panel, preventing fogging and reflections from the screens.  We also carry a non-IP rated display that is optically bonded in the 702GSH, which would work well in high brightness areas that are shielded from water or dust.  These displays are all available with projected capacitive touchscreen panels.  For more information, please visit the product page of our 1029CNH, 709CNH, 1029GNH, and 702GSH.

All of our products come with a 2 year warranty and a no dead pixel guarantee.

For further information on integrating our displays into your system, please fill out our Integrator Form at or for a custom display, please fill out our Custom Displays form at  Please feel free to contact us at 888.656.6536 or via e-mail at

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